Kids biking and skating at a skate park


The skatepark solution

The shortage of safe places to play creates a big problem for our youth. Many times, the only option they have is organized sports. But that means many young people are left out. The Tony Hawk Foundation has a better solution: Skateparks.

image of children holding hands.

Community Skateparks

At skateparks, kids can be active and have fun whether they're riding on skateboards, BMX bikes, scooters or rollerblades. That's why we're bringing our expertise in building skateparks to Built to Play. By partnering with the Tony Hawk Foundation, communities have the opportunity to build safe spaces for their kids to play, and—in the process—create a positive ripple effect for the places they live.

Want a skatepark in your community?

Apply for a grant today! Deadline for grant applications is October 10, 2018.